Selling SEO promotion services with outsourced workers

SEO promotion work is quite exhausting and requires quite a lot of work. usually many are willing to pay those other companies to take from them the job.
For example: writing articles, proofreading, creating links, broadcast blogs, favorite – bookmarking sites, submission RSS sites, create and maintain fan or business page on Facebook and all of other components of organic SEO. to get high rank in search engine is taking a long time and lot of work.
The idea here is to ask a higher amount of cost than you having to pay for outsourced workers if the Philippines or India or anywhere else in the Far East.

it could be sometimes for a job 4 times differance like 400$ and 1600$ for the job. but you have to control the staff to make the job well done. and pay them the sallary.
The first few times in the beggining it looks a bit complicated but after a couple of times it’s very simple.
I know some people who work like this for quite a while. There are even employs a staff of 12 employees in Manila every day that all are working in promoting sites via organic SEO
The Real profit is the price paid in the country where you are located and the price you pay to your employees located in places that have a low salary.
You may employ sub-contractors and workers a one-time work or to employ them as workers fixed by Salary.
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