Are you a teen looking for ways to earn extra cash? Ten profitable ideas!

Teens often feel at a disadvantage in the job market, especially in the current economy. While you might eventually land a fast food server job, it’s going to cost you money to get there and back and the hours might not be ideal. There are plenty of ways to earn extra cash for an enterprising teen. Here are ten ideas for you to roll around in your mind. Many are in the self-employment market, which makes you the boss. If you choose the self employment route, be sure you are sufficiently disciplined and are dependable!

If you’re one of those kids who still has every possession accumulated since day one, you might consider going through your room and the garage to collect all the stuff you no longer use. You might be surprised at what these items will fetch at a yard sale. You can also sell on eBay. Take clothes you no longer use to a consignment shop. You bring them in and receive about 40-50% of what the shop gets on the sale.

Yard work, dog walking and babysitting are all time honored ways to earn extra cash. Canvas your neighborhood and see what sort of jobs are there. Appear at the door looking presentable and don’t chew gum!

If you’re an older teen with a reputation for being responsible, check out house sitting opportunities. Be prepared with references from teachers, past employers and other adult references. Three ought to do it. These jobs often don’t pay much, but you do have room and board. When you’re looking for ways to earn extra cash, this can be a gem. You can still do yard work, dog walking and such other small jobs.

If you like making crafts, the holiday season and a great number of crafts fairs are in the offing. Christmas wreaths, ornaments, jewelry and gift baskets are always popular and are easy and fun to make.

Another of the ways to earn extra cash not only pays, but gives you discounted prices at retail shops! Many shops hire extra people for the holidays. Apply first in shops where you have some knowledge and would love a discount on what they sell. Music stores, pet shops, or whatever is in your skill set.

Most teens are more web savvy than the average adult. Make your own website or blog. Get into the Google Adsense program and make some money! Here’s a tip that gives you even more ways to earn extra cash in your net enterprise. Visit and go through their free tutorials and become an expert. There are literally dozens of topics and tutorials.

If you live in a big city, a newspaper route can pay well. Your customers will usually tip you each month for good service.

Other ways to earn extra cash require that you apply well in advance. Summer camp counselor, lifeguard and National Park guide positions may begin advertising in winter, so keep your eyes peeled now.

If you’re a whiz at math, English or whatever, advertise as a tutor. You can schedule sessions which don’t interfere with school or work and make some pretty good extra cash. You can even develop this as a business.

You can see that the ways to earn extra cash are out there. Just pick one or two ideas that appeal to you and go for it!

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