Finding cheap Internet service can be a hassle. After all, deals are constantly coming and going. If you don’t jump on cheap broadband Internet today, tomorrow it might be back up to the normal price. Nevertheless, if you keep an eye out and you know what you want, you can usually get a pretty good discounts.

Of course, the cheapest Internet service is free. A lot of people are surprised when they hear this, but there are many cities offering free Internet. I live in Portland right now, so I know what I’m talking about. The city has recently installed free wireless Internet in many locations. From my house, I can jump on the Internet whenever I want. All you need is a wireless card. Even if you don’t live in a city that does this, you still might be able to find certain free nodes. A lot of the time, coffee shops will give out free wireless Internet to their customers. If you only need to check your e-mail once a day, why not do it over coffee? Paying the cost of a drink to get online is definitely what I would call cheap Internet service!

The problem with all this free broadband, of course, is that it isn’t very secure. A lot of people need cheap Internet service with more security than that. This is particularly true if you do a lot of financial transactions over the Internet. The key with cheap broadband Internet is to shop around. A lot of places have introductory offers as they enter into the market. Sometimes, you can sign up for six months at a discount rate. That is what I did before I got free Internet service. After that, the price will go up, of course. When that happens, however, you can always switch to a different cheap Internet service.

If you don’t need a lot of speed, you can always use cheap dialup Internet. A lot of people stay away from dial up. They remember how clunky the Internet used to be before everything went broadband. In reality, if all you do is check e-mail online, you can get by just fine with a dial up Internet service provider. Often, you can find dial up for only a couple of dollars a month. This is about one tenth of what high speed Internet service costs. If you are on a limited budget and don’t really need high-speed Internet, it is definitely worth thinking about. Most computers still come with a modem, so you won’t need any new equipment.