Here are methods of teeth whitening

If you have a self-conscious and want to feel your best, teeth whitening is a safe way  for perfect looking smile and the best way to increased your self confidence.

What is teeth whitening?

Teeth whitening is a cosmetic dental procedure. Whitening stain remover (pigments) from the teeth & Bleaching, Whitening can whiten the natural yellow color of the teeth. The improvement of Whit results depending on the type and amount of spots. When it is havy yellowed teeth as a result of high consumption of coffee, tea or smoking, expect clarify teeth between 4-5 shades. Gray teeth caused by genetic reasons or as a result of using antibiotics will clear between 2-3 shades.

Teeth whitening methods

Today there are several effective methods for whitening teeth.

Laser Teeth Whitening done in Clinic:

laser therapy treatment is usually rapid one or two visits and it is done under close medical supervision. The laser causes heating of the gel bleach, much quick and aggressive treatment than using the brace (format) Whitening at home.
The Laser method is suitable for those with extremely sensitive teeth from isolated teeth and gums gel comes into contact with teeth only. The laser role is to speed up the action of the gel. This method is very expensive, in many cases it accompanied by sensitivity to cold,
Also the laser treatment can damage nerves and blood vessels inside teeth. Laser Whitening supervised by a cosmetic dentist.


a tiny bottle similar to nail polish bottle. Suitable for one-time treatment, inaccurate, and bleach low concentration relative to other whitening methods. Spread the liquid bleach with a small brush on the surface of the tooth.


U-shaped stickers bleach is the most moving in and they are relatively inexpensive. good for one-time treatment, inaccurate, whitening gel does not come in full contact with the teeth and the concentration is relatively low.

Whitening kits home:Learn More About  teeth whitening system and enjoy a brilliant and engaging smile

There are two types of kits and the main difference between them is custom Splints (templates).
The first type of brace adapted to the patient by the dentist with a plaster cast.
The second type of assessment includes special thermal customizable patterns of which you can also find sold in pharmacies. The templates are made of a silicone glove teeth soft and gentle and customizable without any cast formats. Brace is considered easy and safe to use.

The Two types of assessments using the same whitening gel containing peroxide white on the basis Carbamide peroxide, which removes the stains dark (Pigments). Brace allows precise and easy application of gel on the teeth. Teeth Whitening at home assessment are Relatively low price compared to other whitening techniques and results are similar to those obtained in the dentists clinic.

there are few cases Developing sensitivity to individual, with cessation of therapy it past in day or two. optimal treatment usually lasts between 7-14 days.
Process less aggressive and has the same results.

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