Saving money does not have to be problematic. You can actually learn to enjoy saving money if you have a playful attitude about it.

Prosperity is a state of mind.

If the bills are piling up and your income is slipping down, while you are trying to reconcile your checking account, you should also find ways to reconcile your attitudes about money, and more importantly reconcile your perspectives about the “stuff” money buys.

For instance: Do you need a $95 sweater from Nordstrom’s or could you be just as happy with a $16 sweater from Mervyns’s? This may seem like a question of little consequence, but your answer to it has vast implications that run throughout all areas of your life.

Spending money can be fun, for sure, but is your sense of peace of mind dependent on purchasing the most expensive item? Is your sense of status enhanced when you buy something that is deemed more valuable by our society? What causes your sense of status in the first place? Is your sense of status (or success or failure) independent of the possessions you own, or is it tied up with the possessions you own?

When you derive your sense of worth, success, failure, or status indirectly from money and possessions, you will find that saving money is really hard work, and not a lot of fun. However, if you derive your sense of worth, character and so on from non-material goods, saving money can become a fun habit.

Saving money can become a way to “invest in yourself.” With fewer possessions, or less focus on possessions, your mind has more room to see your own value and worth.

One of the best ways to save money and to enjoy it is to give things away. Yes, it is counter intuitive. But it works. Doing the opposite of what you think you “should” do often creates a powerful shift into enjoyment of your circumstances.

Try it. It worked for me. In one of my darkest hours about three years ago, I was extremely worried about saving money. In a sudden moment of rule-breaking inspiration, I decided to tackle me fear and give some money away on the Internet!

Crazy? A little. Life-changing? A lot!

I gave money to five random people in a local chat room.

The decision to give money away melted all my money concerns within two hours. It was amazing. I punctured a hole in my fear. It was like a light came on: Money does not need to make me worry. I can give it freely and joyfully.

So remember this: if saving money has become hard, it is your attitude that makes it so. Shift your attitude and your money solution may just present itself.

Saving in the supermarket
one of the places that you can save or loose a lot of money is in the supermarket. in the supermarket you are sometimes maneuver by very smart marketers that leads you to buy more then you really need. if you are aware of their tricks you might bypass them and go out only with your planed buy list. you may find yourself buying twice as much from the quantity you need for long period of time. you even don’t know where to find place to put all the products you bought before they spoiled. before you can use them. most people find themselves caught with those tricks. here are some examples:
* “buy one get the next for 50%”. or “buy 2 get 1 free”. well they use to better a long time ago like “buy 1 get 1 free” but not anymore. if you don’t need 2 or 3 pieces of that product, you better buy 1 and leave the deal to others. 
* look down or up from the middle shelf. usually the products in the eye level shelf are more expensive. and they are intentionally arranged like that so you pick them instead of the cheaper products.  
* sale – many stores offer you some products “on sale“. you better check if it is true sale or just few cents discount from the real market price. or do you really need that product at all so we offer you to  buy
consciously! don’t be lead to buy what you don’t need now spend your money in wisdom.

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