Deciding Whether Or Not To Marry A millionaire

The popularity of the show Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire is just one of the signs of our cultural obsession with wealth. Let’s face it, everyone wants to get rich quick. Some people get depressed about this fact, but I don’t think it’s anything new. Think about the children’s stories that we hear growing up. A lot of them end with marriage between the protagonist a rich member of the royal family, and then they live happily ever after. Marrying a millionaire is just a modern version of the same dream.

Deciding to marry a millionaire is a lot easier than you might think. Basically, the important thing to remember is that millionaires are people too. No matter what your ideal person is, you are always going to initially put them above you. If, for example, you are most attracted to musicians, you will think of them as the end-all and be-all. It can be pretty intimidating to approach someone who radiates fame, fortune, or talent in the first place. Once you get past your initial trepidation, however, you will wonder why you ever worried in the first place. All people, when you get down to it, are just people.

There are quite a few marry a millionaire websites out there. If you’re rich, glamorous, famous, or immensely talented, you’ll have an easier time attracting someone who is fabulously wealthy. If you’re just a normal kind of person, it might be a little bit harder. Nevertheless, don’t give up if it is your dream.

Instead of trying to marry a millionaire, you might want to try to be a millionaire. Making a fortune is easier than you might think. Rich people aren’t exceptionally bright, talented, charismatic, attractive, or creative. What they are is dedicated to, and driven by, money. In all other respects, they are just like anyone else. Anyone who is willing to make getting rich a priority can do it. It is just a matter of having the right motivation and a good work ethic.

Of course, if this is the first time you have ever considered dedicating your life to making money, it might seem a little bit overwhelming. This is the advantages of trying to marry a millionaire. If you can fall in love with the right person with the right financial resources, you will make things a lot easier for yourself. After all, it is better to do that than to slave away in a high stress office for 30 years.