Fuel economy mileage is more important than ever before, and it is only going to get more important. People put all kinds of money into how to improve gas mileage, buying every device that they can get their hands on. My cousin is like this. He is a notorious tinkerer, spending hour upon hour on his car every weekend. Although I am sure that some of the products that he uses work, some of them don’t. Improving gas mileage is as much an art as a science as far as I am concerned. Although there are all kinds of gizmos you can use to improve your gas mileage, it is difficult to know which ones work and which ones don’t. If you want to get better gas mileage, you had better start with your driving.

Your fuel mileage probably has more to do with your driving than almost any other single factor. Don’t get me wrong – buying a more fuel-efficient car will help. Even so, you wouldn’t believe what a little bit of defensive driving can do. I had thought that my car was going downhill. My gas mileage was in the low 20s, much lower than it had been when I had first bought the vehicle. I knew a few tricks  for how to improve gas mileage, and I decided to try them out.  I got my car serviced, put in some of that high-octane fuel that is supposed to clean up the air intakes, and even installed an air intake booster. It did help me with how to improve gas mileage, but not enough. Then I tried defensive driving.

I knew nothing about how to improve gas mileage until I tried the defensive driving. I would go the speed limit, maintaining a constant speed on the highways whenever possible. I would cut city driving to a minimum and walk for small local trips instead of driving. It made such an tremendous difference in how much gas I was using that I couldn’t believe it.  I had found the holy Grail of how to improve gas mileage, and it was so obvious. Don’t get me wrong – if I had enough money to buy a Hybrid car, I would. Since I don’t, however, defensive driving is the next key to how to improve gas mileage. Now that I found that out, I think I will try some of those gadgets that my cousin is always talking about. They look like they could take me up a few miles per gallon!