I rarely need help paying my rent,But when I do the situation can be 
pretty bleak. Once you’re out of college, you can’t very well ask your┬á
parents to help pay rent. You have to grow up one way or another, and 
oftentimes your parents don’t have the money to afford paying your rent┬á
anyway. There are resources out there, but you need to be careful and 
you need to be savvy. For every sincere group out to help the poor, 
there are two or three who want to take advantage of you while you’re┬á

One of the most frequently used tools there for help paying rent is the 
payday cash advance. Payday cash advances can actually be a pretty 
good tool if you are just a few days behind. After all, if you wait until you 
actually get the money, it can increase the money you owe. Penalties 
and threats from landlords are not a lot of fun, so it can be worth the 
money you have to pay to the cash advance center.

Then again, if you can enlist a friend’s help paying rent, you will have┬á
better luck. Friends will not charge interest for a short-term loan, and 
that makes a big difference. Think about the people you know and 
whether any of them owe you a favor. You’d be surprised how often you┬á
can find just the help paying rent you need at your moment of greatest 

Then again, if you chronically need help paying rent, it might be time to 
investigate new job opportunities. You’d be surprised at the resources┬á
that cities have to help the working poor. There are, of course, temp 
agencies that offer job training which you can go to. Even better, you 
might be able to get federal assistance. Federal job training And 
placement programs are often hard to find out about because they don’t┬á
tend to advertise efficiently. If you can discover them, however, you can 
often get more than help paying rent. You can get help pursuing an 
actual career so that you don’t have to live paycheck to paycheck.

Still, when you are living with the immediate reality of having to pay rent 
in the next week, it is hard to think of things in this kind of global 
perspective. Sometimes, what you need is a short-term fix so that you 
can have time to think about a long-term solution.

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