Most of the time when you see ads offering saving money tips, they are really scams. They want you to “save money” by buying their credit card, or by subscribing to their information on how to get scholarships, or some other such nonsense. But really, if you get saving money tips from someone more practical, they can really be a useful aid to living an economically sound life. My parents are very thrifty, as is typical of residents of the Isle of Man, and so they taught me a lot of good tips to save money. They came in handy in the last few years, too, as I was just squeezing by on very little.

Some of the best saving money tips involve getting things for free. With these saving money tips, it really depends where you want to draw the line. You see, anyone has the stomach to go into a gas station or office front where they have free coffee for the customers, and then walk right back out again, but not everyone has the stomach for dumpster diving. Nonetheless, getting your food out of dumpsters is one of the best of all saving money tips. You don’t have to eat rotten food – many grocery stores, for reasons that completely baffle me – throw out pounds and pounds of perfectly good produce and dry goods every week, and it is all yours for the taking. If you budget carefully, you can cut your grocery bill by 90 percent, and eat lots of fresh veggies to boot!

Of course, sometimes those free offers do make good saving money tips. For example, a few months ago, one of the phone companies was offering 50 dollars to switch over to its service. The service was almost exactly the same as the one that I was currently using, so the 50 buck bribe made a lot of sense. I then switched right back when my old company offered me a discount to return! But in general, their offers will do nothing special for you, and most saving money tips will strongly caution you against being pulled in to new services which You don’t really need. After all, no matter how good the service, or how reasonably priced, the bottom line is that you are paying more money if you are buying something that you were not buying before. No saving money tips really make up for common sense.

don’t give up finding free stuff. on the internet today there are a lot of things free that has a real good value. a lot of free software for example irfanview one of the most popular viewers is free for non-commercial use.  today there is what called viral marketing they give you the product free just for the link to their web site. so why not take it as long as it is good product.