Five tips for getting good rates on car insurance for young drivers

With the cost of cars, car insurance and gasoline, driving has almost become a luxury for everyone. This is particularly true for teens and young adults. Car insurance for young drivers is one of the most costly groups, with rates enough to make you faint. Besides comparison shopping for your insurance, what can you do to reduce those quotes?

There are several factors which contribute to the astronomical rates. First, young drivers don’t have much of a track record. Lack of experience plays heavily into the quote. There’s not much you can do about that, but you can be proactive in developing a good record. Do get as much instruction and practice in before you go for your license. When you take the test, go for a perfect score instead of just trying to pass. The better you know the rules of the road, the less likely you are to get a ticket.

Look and see if there’s an intensive driving course available in your area. These programs are gaining in popularity, because it’s been demonstrated that these in-depth driving courses work. You are given instruction on a private driving course which is set up to teach you how to drive defensively and safely maneuver out of dangerous situations, such as braking suddenly, hydroplaning and maintaining control of your vehicle on an icy road. You’ll be a better driver at the end.

You may be surprised to learn that the make and model, color and even body style affect your rates. For example, car insurance for young drivers with a red Corvette will be far greater than the same aged driver with a white four-door family car. Insurance company statistics show that young drivers in fast, red cars are involved in accidents at a much greater rate. Choose your vehicle accordingly.

You’ll also find that rates for car insurance for young drivers go down if you’ve got good grades. Insurance companies reason that if you have good grades, you’re likely more responsible behind the wheel too.

Once you have your license, keep it clean. Don’t make a practice of talking on your cell or performing other tasks while driving. Observe the speed limits, know the law and avoid being pulled over. You’ll eventually enjoy better rates when you have no tickets.

If you live at home, you can be written in on your parent’s policy and save a ton of money. Your parents must consent, so don’t let them find you driving irresponsibly, causing them to refuse, if only because they can’t afford the rate.

Car insurance for young drivers is notoriously high. If you want to have the luxury of driving, do everything you can to earn the best rate. With a clean record and three years, your rates should decrease substantially.