Using your mobile without any plan

So you are out of your country, and you want to keep in contact with your family but still not break your savings account for that. there is a way to use your mobile phone and still not pay much. if you did not plan method of calling home from abroad, you will pay very expensive. so if you call from you cell phone without any plan you may pay up to 4$ per minute. and I can tell you it’s running fast like you can’t imagine until you will get your next phone bill. even if you have a plan with your mobile company you still may pay up to 3$ witch is still expensive. I know people that sent their children abroad for 2 weeks trip, they have been charged about 1000$ just for phone calls. I’m sure not everybody can afford to pay that much. it is more then the whale trip cost. so you better find another alternative.

Replacing You Mobile SIM card

the next option is to use local sim or international sim that way you may have the comfort of using mobile in a local cell phone rates. but it is not giving you any benefits to call home using mobile. I thing you take also that option as backup and for emergency. you get the benefit of calling with your mobile for local calls.

Using the internet To make calls

if you have cheap internet access, i prefer using voip services. there are services that you can use your mobile or landline phone, you pay regular Cost of local call, and the international call is using the voip in very low rates like 2 cents per minute. another option is go to an internet coffee. in some countries it’s very cheap, for example in morocco. you can use skype or any other voip service that you familiar with. you can make a call and talk for one hour for as little as 2$. but not everybody know how to use and benefits from voip yet. at the same time you can check your emails.

Using SMS or Callback

you can send sms to your home and ask them to call you if you have much better calling plan from home.
there are some services that use call back that can be a good not expensive solution. that option is considerable when the calls from home are much cheaper then from the place you are now. but if you are using mobile it is not very cheap option.

Calling Cards or Prepaid Calling Cards

so after all if you want to make it cheap you better use landline phone. next option which is my favorite is calling cards. you have a local and international calling cards from the same vendor. it may cost you much less then one dollar per minute. so take advantage of that option and find a better ways to spend your money then just for calling home. when using prepaid calling card you have to estimate your calling time. but if you use a rechargeable calling card you don’t have to pay for high priced card. you pay let say 20$ and when it goes to certain level it recharged automatically if you choose that option. you can also buy a local calling card but it does not give you much benefit for calling home. you save only on your local calls which is also nice.


the best is to makes some shopping before you go to a trip and check what is the best calling solution to the destination you are going. good solution for one place not always be good for another place. so be arranged before you go and save a lot of money.

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